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    Need a change, brand-new look or closet clear-out? Go shopping with a professional fashion stylist!Take advice of Silesia City Center stylists absolutely free of charge. During a two-hour consultationyou will get practical guidelines how to flaunt you assets by choosing the right type and colours ofclothes that suit you best.

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    Katarzyna Salomon Zatwarnicka

    505 016 035
    Personal fashion stylist, colours fan and personal shopper. Katarzyna has been an image specialist for more than 10 years. In her work she always looks for what is best in her clients’ image. Her motto is “You can look like a million dollars at any age”. Flowing with fashion trends without much thinking is no good. It is better to look for inspiration and choose only these elements that look good on your body and are in line with your personality, body shape and physical appearance. Media call her mentality stylist.

    Anna Oramus

    600 038 278
    Expert in the area of colour analysis, styling and make-up. Anna was one of the first stylists in Poland to introduce the system of 12 colour types. Her specialty are individual image courses and make-up workshops. She helps find the best places to buy clothes, fashion accessories and cosmetics. For many years she has collaborated with fashion schools where has given lectures on styling and image. She also co-operates with photo agencies during photo sessions and image creation training firms. She works as a stylist during fashion shows and appears in media as a style expert.
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